Principal's Desk

At our alma mater, it is but appropriate for us to nurture an ambience of quality, so that our students wait eagerly for the revelations for higher understanding and continue to hone their edges for their triumphs. Like the bee gathering honey from the different flowers, our main task is to kindle and empower their thought process in a manner that they are able to cull out the essence from every teaching and become the embodiment of rare treasures of wisdom

After all they are the most beloved children, adorable students and are to be the epitomes of success, understanding and leadership. Also, they are to be the caring and adorable parents, affectionate neighbours and importantly responsible members of the global society.

At Gurukul English Medium School, we take pride in our strength of mind, intelligence, dynamism, unique fellow feeling, fairness, integrity, sensitivity, finer civility and good old honesty.

To earn these character traits, the enablers of this institution have toiled with enthusiasm, determination, and zeal. The ambience of this institution will continue to motivate, inspire and facilitate them as we understand that individually, each teacher of this institution may be one person to all the children, but he or she is to be the world to each student.

We aim not only to impart quality education, but also to groom our children into socially interactive, mentally agile and empathetic individuals; to enable them to develop their own potential, without unreasonable stress.

Gurukul English Medium School will continue to be a cradle of confidence and source of pride


Shaik Abeda Begum (MA, B.Ed)
Gurukul English Medium School,Digras